Does dealing with your child have you feeling frustrated, angry, even helpless at times?

Is your child prone to tantrums?

Is your child having problems with sleep? During the night, are you up frequently with your child? Are you spending too much time getting your child to sleep?

Is feeding problematic?

Are you concerned about how your child is with others, how she/he plays with other children?

Do you have concern about learning and/or attention issues? Or about classroom behavior?

WWW utilizes your child's natural activity patterns in a carefully established setting which allows for the enhancement of the child's sense of self and parental efficacy. In addition, emotional regulation for both participants and mother/father/caretaker insight is also increased.

The free play format enhances

• parental sensitivity and responsiveness

• the child's sense of self and self efficacy

• emotional regulation of both child and care-taker

• the parent-child attachment relationship.

This approach provides space for the infant/child and parent to work through developmental and relational conflicts through play interaction. Central to the process is engaging the parent to be reflective about the child's inner world of feelings and thoughts, thereby allowing the parent to recognize the separate self of the infant and to gain an understanding of her own emotional responses to her child.